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a Zen living room

A Zen Living Room

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5. Recess. Recessed lighting is perfect for Zen design. They are streamlined and uncluttered. But reading light is also important. Choose a lamp with a rice paper shade and plain lines for the perfect accent.

6. Screens. Of course, it can be Asian without versatile shoji screens. Use them for room dividers or to hide those non-Zen items you want to keep in the room.

7. Water. The sound of water is wonderfully calming, so adding a water feature to the room makes it more tranquil. It can be a large feature in the middle of the room or a small fountain on the tabletop.

8. Natural. Add natural elements wherever possible. Bamboo plants, smooth stones, and water can be used for decor elements.

9. Flooring. Flooring can be stone or wood in keeping with the natural theme. For area rugs, choose woven reed mats or sisal rugs. They are made from sustainable materials and are versatile as well as earth-friendly.

10. Natural light. Window covering should be a simple as possible. Plain white or natural sheers with no ornamentation are perfect. If more privacy is wanted, bamboo blinds will harmonize with all the other natural elements in the room.

Zen design is both minimalist and elegant. Everything in the room is meant to calm the spirit and the eye. It's the perfect retreat for a go-getting, business-booming, cell-phone talking, blackberry-carrying, late-working entrepreneur like you. Or was that your neighbor I was thinking about?

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