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A Calm Zen Retreat

A Calm Zen Retreat

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Today's hectic lifestyles have given rise to the popularity of Zen style. Why? Because after a full day of waging web warfare and big business battles, it's relaxing to come home to the soothing and simple style of Zen decor. If you are looking for a calm oasis in a sea of stress when you return home, decorating in the Zen style may be the perfect answer. And it won't cause wallet anxiety! Here's how to achieve that tranquil space you envision on a budget:

1. Uncluttered. If you are a pack rat, this style is not for you. Zen spaces have no clutter and less ornamentation. So the first task you should do if you're going Zen is clean and organize.

2. Neutral. Choose a neutral and warm color scheme. The softer colors of nature are very Zen. Flashy or vivid colors take away from the overall calm of Zen decor.

3. Low lines. The furniture you choose should have simple low lines. No camelback sofas and cabriole legs in this design. Modern or Asian furniture in neutral solids would work best.

4. Silk. If you add pillows, silk fabrics would be pleasing to the soul and the eye. Soft colors would work best.

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