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Making Your Own Ottoman on the Internet

Video and Text Instructions


Making your own ottoman can be simple. And you will be rewarded with extra storage and a place to put up your feet. Best of all, they are inexpensive to make with just a few simple tools. If you want detailed instructions for how to do it, you can find video and text instructions at several ottoman styles on the internet. Here are a few places to look.

1. How to Upholster an Ottoman

Upholstering an ottomanPhoto: Upholster.com
Instructions for upholstering a simple ottoman from Upholster.com. The instructions can be used for other types of seating as well.

2. Constuct and Pad an Ottoman Frame

Constructing and padding an ottomanPhoto: Upholster.com
This tutorial from Upholster.com gives you the nuts and bolts, or nails and glue, of making an ottoman frame and preparing it for upholstering.

3. Upholstering an Ottoman

How to Upholster an OttomanPhoto: The Upholstery Shop
This is one in a series of videos on Youtube.com on upholstering an ottoman. The others can also be accessed from this video. This project is a little more complicated, but well within the range of the beginner.

4. How to Make an Ottoman

Making an ottomanPhoto: Blueprint - MarthaStewart.com
This tutorial posted by Blueprint on Marthastewart.com is a very easy and stylish ottoman. I think it's the best looking DIY ottoman I've seen!

5. Build Your Own Storage Ottoman

Storage OttomanPhoto: Matt Fox - HGTV.com
How to build your own elegant and practical storage ottoman from Matt Fox, designer at HGTV. It is a great idea and very well executed!
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