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How to Stencil on Fabric & More


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Step 4: Take a Test Drive
How to Stencil on Fabric & More

Since paint and stencils vary, I like to do a sample every time I stencil.

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  • If you've stenciled before, you may want to skip this step, but I still do it every time. I want to make sure my stencil, fabric and paint will work as planned.

  • Place a fabric scrap (or if you are stenciling some other item, you use a piece of cardboard) on top of your protective drop cloth or paper. Place your stencil down on your fabric and hold with one hand.

  • Holding your brush in your other hand and keeping the flat, painting end of your brush parallel with your stencil, press straight down with a medium pressure.

  • With your brush, dab back and forth between your paint, the paintless side of your plate, and your stencil until the area to be stenciled is completely covered with your paint.

  • Remove your stencil from your item and evaluate your results. When you paint your item, which is next, now you will know how to make any needed adjustments.
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