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Four Types of Home Lighting Every Room Should Have

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Pendant Accent Light

Pendant Accent Light

Photo: Kiril Davarski

You can design a beautiful room, but your work will be wasted if no one can see it. No, I'm not talking about having to check your glasses at the door, I am talking about home lighting. Every room should include four types of home lighting so your guests don't have to feel their way around the room. Each has it's own contribution to the room's ambiance.

1. Ambient. Ambient lighting is general light that fills the room. The light is diffused and produce an overall glow. It should be inconspicuous and blend into the surroundings.

2. Task. Task lighting provides lighting for a specific area and task. Lighting for reading, crafts, or writing are examples of task lighting.

3. Accent. Accent lighting accents a particular part of the room or object in the room. An example would be lighting accenting a painting or sculpture. Accent lighting is the most dramatic type of lighting.

4. Decorative. Decorative lighting is treated as a design element. An example would be a dramatic wrought iron candle stand or small decorative lamp shaped like a butterfly. It is not made to give out much light, but provides a decorative touch.

A well-lit room looks warm and welcoming. But don't forget the bulbs. Natural full-spectrum bulbs can make everything in your room look better, including you!

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