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Green Decorating Ideas

Going green in the home not only helps save our planet; it can help you save tons of money too! The articles below are full of green decorating idea, including reuse ideas, eco friendly decorating tips and green products for the home.

Top Tips for Green Decorating
Easy budget-friendly advice for going green in your home.

Top Tips for Green Remodeling
Eco-friendly ideas and tips for a greener home remodeling project.

30 Ways to Go Green at Home
Easy and super affordable, our top 30 ways to go green at home.

A Guide to Green Countertops
Eco-friendly countertop ideas for the kitchen or bath along with comparisons of sustainably produced countertops.

Home Goods & Furniture Made in the USA
Information on finding American-made furniture and decor for the home.

Green Shopping for Your Home
Resources for finding online eco-friendly home furnishings and decor.

New Uses for Old Items
Repurposing and reusing in decorating not only saves money, but it can also help save our planet. Use these tips and ideas to repurpose a wide variety of items to make your space look great!

Green Design for a Kitchen or Bath
Create an eco-friendly kitchen or bathroom with these easy and affordable green design ideas.

Shopping for Vintage Home Decor Online
Buying vintage (aka "used") is a great way to go green. To save you time, we've listed some popular online sources for vintage style home decor.

Find Local Estate Sales, Flea Markets & Craft Fairs
Go green, support the arts, save money and boost your local economy with these great resources to local estate sales, craft fairs, yard sales and flea markets.

Host a Successful Garage Sale
Don't trash it! Use this easy step-by-step garage sale guide to help you clear the clutter and recycle your trash into another person's treasure.

Recycled Brick Succulent Planter
Repurpose old bricks to make this easy DIY succulent planter.

DIY Headboard Ideas
Go green in the bedroom (and save a ton of money) with these easy DIY headboards. Many are made from items you may already have around your home!

DIY Table Ideas
Fun and easy DIY table ideas, many which are made from reclaimed or repurposed items.

DIY Furniture Ideas
Go green with these DIY furniture ideas that repurpose everything from old windows to tailgates!

Wine Glass Candleholder Craft
Repurpose wine glasses that are past their prime into these elegant tea light holders.

Guide to Local Estate Sales, Flea Markets & Craft Fairs
Support sustainable living by using this guide to find local estate sales, flea markets, yard sales and craft fairs.

30 Ways to Go Green at Home - Page 2
Page 2 of our list of 30 ways to go green in your home.

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Page 3 of our list of 30 ways to go green in your home.

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