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Chili Ristas

Chili Ristas

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How can you decorate your home in a Pueblo style – especially when your bank account is drier than a New Mexico wind? Easy! Here’s how:

1. Faux adobe. If you can’t afford original adobe walls, add some clean sand to your paint. Choose earthy colors of terracotta and apply the paint in a thick and textured coat.

2. Vigas. If your roof is not supported with vigas, then create the look on your ceiling with two by fours stained a dark walnut. Distress with a hammer and whatever else you can think of. Attach the boards to your ceiling.

3. Serapes. Upholster dining room chairs or side chairs with cheap serapes (Mexican blankets). Try to find the smooth cotton ones (the others will pill). The colorful stripes will bring life and vibrancy to your room.

4. Terracotta. Remove your old carpet and replace with terracotta tile. If you can’t afford tile, paint the cement or plywood floor in colorful stripes or simulate the look of tile. Seal with a quality polyurethane.

5. Pots. Use large terracotta pots for the base of side tables or a coffee table. Explore your local garden center for ideas. If you need a dining table, an old picnic table will do fine. Just distress and stain a dark walnut and add benches covered with serapes or bright colors.

Follow these tips and you can have a beautiful pueblo home - just promise me there will be no howling coyotes, unless they're real!
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