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Decorating with Burlap Fabric


Decorating with Burlap Fabric
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Many DIY home decorators tend to think of burlap as a fall fabric, but decorating with burlap fabric is a great budget alternative year around. Not only is it very inexpensive (especially when purchased on sale or with a coupon), but it’s available in a wide variety of textures and colors.

Decorating with burlap fabric is limited only by your (or someone else’s) ideas. From slipcovers to wreaths, burlap is multifunctional. The only downside is that the more economical burlaps can be a bit rough and tend to shed. Washing and drying with a fabric softener before use can improve these characteristics. (Always check fabric care labels before washing.)

Burlap fabric, depending upon the quality, typically runs between $2-$5 per yard. Onsanaburg or unbleached muslin are good alternatives and also cost less than $5 per yard.

Since burlap fabric is a such great budget alternative to those expensive decor fabrics, it’s easy to get busy decorating with burlap using our DIY project ideas.

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