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Host a Valentine's Day Decor Party

Show a Little Love to Your Friends This Holiday


Host a Valentine's Day Decor Party
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Not only is it usually less expensive to make your own holiday decorations, but your friends and family can join in on the fun too!

This fun, simple party takes very little planning but allows you to share a little love and time with your friends. You’ll also end up with some wonderful Valentine’s Day decor!

Traditional invitations are fine but be sure to mail at least one week in advance. Look for free printables on the web, or make your own from a folded paper heart.

Evites not only are faster, less formal and more ecological, but only need to be sent four to seven days in advance. In a pinch, even a phone call invitation will do, usually at least three days in advance.

Valentine’s Day Party Printables
Free Online Invitations
DIY Valentine's Cards & Invites

Within the invitation, ask participants to donate $5 - $10 toward supplies. Gather enough materials for each guest. (Be sure to shop sales and use coupons to get the most for your buck!)

You may want to print how-to instructions for each guest before the party and have a premade craft sample to display. Or for a more laidback approach, offer plenty of craft items such as photo frames, small wreaths, paint pens, ribbon, glitter and glue, and let each friend get creative on her own. No instructions needed!

Plan for enough seating and workspace for each guest. Offer plenty of working surface, if you have it. If space is limited, don’t fret. Friends never mind bumping elbows and like working together on the floor or coffee table.

Crafting Ideas
Keep the craft inexpensive and uncomplicated. Guests are probably coming for the fellowship and fun, not for a 4-hour crafting session. These easy and inexpensive Valentine’s Day crafting ideas are perfect for a decor party. Or try these easy Valentine's Day garland crafts - perfect for the kiddos, too!

If children are invited, our Guide to Homeschooling has fun Valentine’s Day construction paper crafts to keep small hands busy.

Keep it simple and use the colorful craft supplies to decorate your area. Scatter the supplies across your table or display in easy-to-reach glass vases and bowls. You can also cover tabletops with red butcher paper. This protects and adds color.

Of course, if you are especially motived, go all out and add additional Valentine’s Day decor. After all, red and pink make great decorating colors!

Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Plan to offer a very simple snack. Try one of our Valentine’s themed cocktails or mocktails. Serve alongside a small fruit and cheese platter, or a few simple finger foods from. Don’t go overboard here; guests probably won’t take much time to eat since they will be crafting.

Chocolate Martini
Pink Champagne Cocktail
Cherry Champagne Cocktail
Berry Sweetheart Mocktail
Pineapple-Raspberry Nonalcoholic Punch
Valentine’s Pretzel Rods
Chocolate Kiss Bars
No-Bake Rocky Road Bars
Strawberry Fudge Balls
Roast Beef Philo Cups
Baked Brie with Curried Chutney

Day of the Party
Gather with your buddies and spend a couple of hours making beautiful decorations for everyone to take home. Don’t be so busy hosting that you forget to make a few decorations for yourself! Remember the K.I.S.S. rule and relax. The time spent together is the true goal of this get together.
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