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Five Holidays & Five Centerpieces (For Less Than 15 Dollars)


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Gather Your Basics

With the growth and blending of multicultural families, many are celebrating more than one holiday this season. Many are celebrating more than three! But how to do it all on a budget? Concentrate on the table!

No matter how one chooses to celebrate this holiday season, it's usually a given that a meal will be involved. Even if you can't find the time or the budget to decorate any other room in your home, giving your table a holiday centerpiece will help make the days (and your meals) seem a bit merrier.

By only making a few small changes to each table, I've put together a way to celebrate five holidays with one centerpiece. And once you buy the basics, you can complete each one for less than $15. Have a happy holiday, indeed!

Basic Materials Needed:
  • Votive candle stands - 6-9 stands to complete your centerpiece
  • White votives - same number as the stands you'll need
  • 1/3 yard Osnaburg fabric or rough, unbleached muslin
  • 5-inch gold or silver sheer ribbon
Total Cost of Basic Materials: $11 - $15 maximum

How to Save:
  • Never pay retail for ribbon. Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's constantly offer ribbon at 40-50% off. Check the holiday section for additional savings.
  • I found the votive candle stands and the votives at the dollar store. The votives were four for $1. In fact, most of my items came from the dollar store. Check there first.
  • Use coupons for the fabric. At Hobby Lobby, Osnaburg fabric was $2.99 a yard at full price and I used a 40-percent off coupon. My total cost for my table runner was 60 cents.
Set-Up for Basic Table:
  • Preserving the 45-inch length of the Osnaburg fabric (you'll see the nice frayed edges at the end), fold under the cut edges and iron. You may also hem, if desired. This will be your table runner.
  • Cut the 5-inch gold or silver ribbon to the same length as your table runner.
  • Arrange with the votive candle stands and candles.

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