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Use Nature for Fall Home Decorating

Fall Decor with Natural Elements


Decorate a Doorway with Indian Corn

Decorate a Doorway with Indian Corn

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Fall is my favorite time of year! The colors, the crisp air, the turning leaves, all make the season glorious. Bring the brilliance of fall into your home decor by using nature's glory to make free or low cost decorating accents. Don't know where to start? Start by taking a walk in the park, your neighborhood, and your local farmer's market. You can thank me for the exercise and fresh air later! Gather leaves, apples, corn stalks and other natural items to make:

1. An Autumn leaf wreath. Gather a combination of large and small leaves in a combination of colors. Hot glue the leaves in an overlapping pattern to a raffia or foam leaf form. For extra security, place florist's pins at the base of the larger leaves. If you are hanging the wreath on your door, add a raffia or corn husk bow at the top. If you lay the wreath flat, add tall and short candles to the middle for a lovely centerpiece.

2. An Indian corn candle centerpiece. Wrap one of those large round candles with small Indian corn ears(available at most farmer's markets or supermarkets). Place them vertically along the sides of the candle. For safety reasons, remove the husks or arrange with the husks on the bottom as an additional accent around the base of the candle. Tie the ears to the candle with raffia (this may require at least 4 hands).

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