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Decorating Books & Products Reviews

Decorating book reviews, furniture reviews, reviews of home and decorating products and decorating tools along with recommended reading lists of decorating books.
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Malouf Pillow Reviews & Comparisons
Are Malouf pillows worth the high price? Our Guide puts Malouf pillows to the test and compares several Malouf pillows.

Review of IKEA Kvartal Curtain System
A complete review of IKEA's Kvartal curtain system.

Slimline Hanger Review
Slimline hangers tout themselves as the ultimate closet solution, but can they hold up to their hype?

Yankee Candle QuickScent Candle Review
Yankee Candles are known for their quality, but also their high-end cost. The Yankee Candle QuickScent candles are a new budget-friendly alternative. Our guide review reveals whether Yankee Candle QuickScent candles deliver as promised.

Scotch Patch Plus Primer Review
A guide review of Scotch Patch Plus Primer wall spackle.

Expert Review of Savino Wine Saver System
An expert review of the Savino wine preservation system.

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