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20 DIY Outdoor Decor & Outdoor Decorating Projects


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Decorating Your Great Outdoors
20 DIY Outdoor Decor & Outdoor Decorating Projects
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Oh, how the great outdoors calls to us – or at least to some of us! Even if we barely have a dime in our pockets and only a small plot of dirt that we try to call a yard, many of us have a yearning to transform our outdoor spaces into something beautiful.

The best way to save on outdoor decorating is to do the crafting and/or labor yourself. Even if you are a novice gardener (at best) and not too handy with the tools (at best), there are ways to fashion outdoor decor and decorate your great outdoors without breaking the bank.

From tiny patios to a big back yard, these fun yet budget-friendly outdoor decorating ideas will have you transforming your outdoor space in no time. And many of these outdoor decorating ideas are green in more ways than one - they are good for our earth, too!

So let these fabulous photos of outdoor spaces and inspiring outdoor decor ideas from across the web get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to click on the links below each photo for great tutorials and more information.

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