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Modern Style

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If you like uncluttered, streamlined, sleek and open spaces, then you probably love Modern style. Modern style has its roots in the Bauhaus school with its emphasis on angular lines and lack of ornamentation. Equally influential was Scandinavian style which stressed minimalism, mass production, and simple, functional forms.

Neutrals. Modern style showcases neutrals. The most popular wall color in the design is white or a shade of white, although color is sometimes used for dramatic effect. The furniture is upholstered in neutrals or tone-on-tones, with leather adding richness to the space. Textured neutrals add softness to the design. Small splashes of color can be added with accessories.

Sleek. Modern finishes are sleek, smooth and gleaming. A modern kitchen features lacquered cabinets from natural woods or green products. Countertops are granite, stone, stainless steal or a green laminate made smooth and shiny. Floors emphasize smooth stone, hardwoods, or bamboo.

Glass. Light and views of the outdoors is very important to a Modern style indoors. The majority of modern homes have large glass windows which are usually bare. That might not work for a stickler for privacy, so if the openness bothers you, simple, clean unadorned curtains can be used.

Low and simple.Furniture in a modern room is low, simple, and modular. The goal is to provide comfort without impeding the view of the outdoors from other parts of the open space. Modern style furniture can easily fit into a budget. Just visit a used office furniture warehouse which features lots of chrome, leather and low sleek lines that can easily be recycled, reupholstered or refurbished.

Modern style is within your reach, but one caution: remember that if your furniture is from a doctor's office, don't arrange it like a doctor's office. Show some imagination and arrange accessories and furniture to emphasize family, friends and communication - modern style!

Decorate, paint, and landscape your way to a more beautiful home.

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