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Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas


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Layer Your Lighting
Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas

This combination of track, overhead lamp and table lamp lighting is perfect for the size of this living room. In fact, this entire living room is well-planned, right down to the amazing storage!

Photo © Paul Burns
When decorating a living room, one of the most common mistakes is to rely on overhead lighting. This harsh lighting is not conducive to relaxation.
  • Lamps are a great way to soften a space. Consider an assortment of lamps at different heights (with an assortment of bulb watts) spread throughout your room.

  • Recessed or track ceiling lighting, under-counter lighting, and art lighting can help highlight specific areas while providing ambient lighting throughout the rest of your space.

  • Flanking a fireplace or feature wall with wall sconces can be a great way to add accent lighting without taking up valuable table or floor space with lamps.
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