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Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas


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Realize Walls Aren’t Only for Painting
Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas

Displaying a collection on an empty wall is a fast, frugal and fabulous way to dress up your living room.

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There are more ways to decorate your walls than just using paint. Creating a feature wall or hanging a collection is an inexpensive way to add drama to your living room.
  • Everything doesn’t have to go on your shelves. For inexpensive wall decor, consider hanging a collection. Almost anything can be framed. Use shadow boxes or self-stick hooks to display your pieces.

  • Instead of inexpensive artwork, consider adding a feature or accent wall. Covering your wall with fabric, applying an inexpensive decal, or painting a design or mural is a great way to add drama without spending big bucks.

  • If you have unattractive windows or a long, blank wall, covering a wall with ceiling-to-floor curtains can be an attractive solution. No-sew curtains are easy and inexpensive to make.
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