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Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas


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Create a Focal Point
Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas

The furniture is arranged to carry attention toward this living room's focal point - the fireplace.

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The eye is a muscle and likes to be worked. To avoid a boring living room, give your eyes something to do. But don’t go overboard … in most living rooms, one main focal point is enough.
  • A fireplace is a perfect focal point. If yours is lacking luster, dress it up on a budget by using reclaimed architecture, molding or tile.

  • A large mirror can work wonders. The reflection brightens and enlarges any space. Hang at eye level for best results.

  • Build your room around a dramatic piece of artwork or sculpture. To keep your space interesting and create “movement,” spread the wealth. In other words, choose one color or pattern from your focal piece and apply it in small touches throughout your room.
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