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Five No Sew Budget Window Coverings

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Simple Window Treatments for Kitchens

Simple Window Treatments for Kitchens

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Do you need new kitchen window treatments because you are sick of looking at those June Cleaver cafe curtains? Do those frilly fruity fru-fru curtains look out of place in your modern kitchen? Let me show you some new window treatments that fit a modest budget, but don't require sewing skills.

1. Napkins. Do you have some special napkin rings that match your kitchen decor? Slip those rings over a curtain rod (make sure the rod is smaller in circumference than the ring :-)). Mount the curtain rod either at the top of the window for a valance or the middle of the window to give privacy. Pull napkins, scarves, squares of your favorite fabric or dish towels through the napkin rings. Let the ends hang down to form the shade.

2. Tablerunner. Curtain rings (compare prices) can be tacked or attached to a beautiful table runner for a colorful and simple window treatment.

3. Scarves. For a narrow window, attach drawer pulls to match your kitchen hardware on the sides of each window. Mount them vertically. Drape the ends of a length of fabric through the pull. You can also use a table runner or scarf.

4. Tablecloth. Drape a favorite vintage square tablecloth over a curtain rod. Let the corners form a triangle to serve as a lovely window treatment. To keep it from sliding, stitch together with a couple of passes of a needle and thread at the edges of the tablecloth. If the cloth is too wide, just tuck under the long edges before you stitch the sides.

5. Placemats. Attach curtain rings clips (Compare prices) to placemats which match your kitchen. My favorite for this tip are Mexican serape striped placemats.

Each of these window treatment ideas should fit in any budget. Let these ideas spark other ideas that you can share with our budget decorating family. See you in the forum!

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