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Functional & Fun Kitchen Ideas for Decorating


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Art for the Kitchen
Functional & Fun Kitchen Ideas for Decorating
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Let your utensils take center stage - or at least center wall - with these fun, DIY art ideas for your kitchen. From kitchen decals that feature the ever popular fork and spoon, to framed sporks that celebrate the most famously merged utensil of all time, these art for the kitchen ideas can be easily adapted to your own style and colors.

    Pictured clockwise from top left:
  • Buy plastic serving spoons at dollar stores for a buck each, and dip them into various colors for fun - and colorful - kitchen wall art. Idea via Pinterest.

  • The principle of feng shui states that a mirror hung over an oven magnifies wealth, but we think this pretty mirror crafted from take-out spoons will look priceless hanging anywhere in your kitchen. Idea via Pinterest.

  • Make 3D pop art by framing your dinnerware on top of a pretty fabric or scrapbook paper. Idea via Pinterest.

  • This kitchen wall decal from High Style Wall Decals features a triage of utensils yet costs a mere $24 for the regular size. For another style, see this utensil wall decal from Household Words.
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