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Dining Room & Kitchen

The heart of the home is often the kitchen, and our dining rooms are celebratory of family, friends and good food. Our budget decorating dining room and kitchen ideas will help you invest wisely so you can reap the rewards.

Functional & Fun Kitchen Ideas for Decorating
Budget-friendly ideas and inspirational photos for kitchen decorating, organizing, kitchen storage and kitchen decor. Dress up your kitchen with style!

Finding Kitchen Cabinets for Cheap
Great ideas for finding and purchasing kitchen cabinets on a budget, and how to create a custom look using cheap cabinets.

Affordable Kitchen Island Ideas
A list of budget-friendly choices for kitchen islands and carts, most costing less than $200 and fitting into a variety of kitchen styles, spaces and decor.

Cheap Update Ideas for Countertops
Transform your old, outdated existing kitchen countertops with these inexpensive, DIY ideas.

Kitchen Chalkboard Ideas
Decor for your kitchen including fun ideas for grocery lists, kitchen chalkboards and reminder lists.

A Guide to Green Countertops
Eco-friendly countertop ideas along with comparisons of currently available sustainably produced countertops.

DIY Table Ideas
Easy-to-build dining tables and other fun table ideas that you can create yourself.

Green Design for a Kitchen or Bath
Create an eco-friendly kitchen or bathroom with these easy and affordable green design ideas.

Unique Kitchen Island Ideas
From traditional to modern and with or without seating, these unique kitchen island ideas are sure to please all budgets and styles.

Update a Kitchen for the Holidays
The kitchen is usually one of the busiest rooms in the home during the holiday season. Update your kitchen before the holidays hit with our quick, easy and inexpensive tips for freshening up a kitchen with style.

Place Setting Ideas for a Spring Table
Our spring and Easter place setting ideas will provide that extra inspiration you need to set a gorgeous table. Our place setting photos share color and style ideas for indoors or out.

Fast & Frugal DIY: Make a Table Runner
It doesn’t take much time, talent or money to make a table runner. All you need is $5 and 30 minutes. No sewing skills necessary!

How to Paint a Plate
Once you know how to paint a plate, you can transform your dinnerware into designer art, and it will barely cost you a dime. Our step-by-step photo instructions will show you how easy it is to paint a plate.

How to Make Ribbon Napkin Rings
Making your own napkin rings is a fun and frugal way to dress up your table. And these are made with scrap materials, which make them earth-friendly, too!

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