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Kitchen islands can add invaluable space to your kitchen for storage and food preparation. But if you are thinking you can't afford to build an island in your kitchen or you are sure there is no room, consider these ideas. They come in various sizes and prices, so you can fit on into your budget and kitchen size.

1. Utility Cart

A utility cart kitchen islandPhoto courtesy of Pricegrabber
A utility cart makes a wonderful kitchen island. One plus is that most are mobile so they can be rolled to where you need storage or prep space - or out of the way when you have a crowd. You can find one to fit your style - a sleek stainless steel for a modern kitchen or a wood one for a traditional or country kitchen. For under $500, you can find just what you need.
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2. Sofa Table

Sofa table as a kitchen islandPhoto courtesy of Pricegrabber
A sofa table generally belong in the living room, but it is just the right size for a small kitchen island. The table is narrow, but has enough room for a food prep area. To protect the top, have a piece of glass cut to the size of the table or add a piece of marble. If the table is one that has space for baskets beneath the top, it is a bonus! Add baskets to keep napkins, tableware, and other miscellaneous items out of the way, but readily accessible.
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3. Butcher Block

Butcher's block as a kitchen islandPhoto courtesy of Pricegrabber
Even the smallest kitchen has room for a butcher's block. The food prep space is small but in a small kitchen, it can make a big difference is the kitchen's usability. It usually has room to store knives or other utensils. Inexpensive and compact, it just might be the answer to your space problems.
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