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Ten Ideas for Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget


Budget Curtain Rod Kitchen Rack

A wrought iron curtain rod makes a budget utensil rack in your kitchen.

Photo: George Mayer

Updating your kitchen can bring a high return on your decorating investment. Even though we spend less time than ever in the kitchen, we still want it to look good - usually from afar! Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a fresh look:

  • Strip and Paint. If you have are lucky enough to have solid wood cabinets, strip the paint or old finish. Then add a couple of drops of yellow or green oil pigment (available at your local craft store) to your favorite stain and apply to the cabinets. The stain color will have more depth with this small addition.

  • Apply molding. Apply molding from your local home improvement store to your cabinet tops for a classic and updated look.

  • Backsplash Adding beadboard as a backsplash can be an inexpensive update. But be sure to use a quality paint that can be easily washed!

  • Towel rack. Mount a wrought iron curtain rod to the wall about 6 - 8 inches under your cabinets. Use the rod to hand towels, cooking utensils or pots. You can hang the pots or utensils from large s-hooks which hook over the rod.

  • Adding color. Add color to white cabinets by painting small frames red or your favorite accent color. Mount them to the front of the cabinet. You can add pictures to the frames if you wish or leave them as just a graphic element
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