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A Study Area for Kids


Child Doing Homework

Child Doing Homework

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Does your child's idea of proper study posture mean draping his legs over the back of the sofa and reading upside down with a bag of potato chips on his stomach? Or laying on the floor with the TV blasting and the cell phone to one ear? It may be time to create an area that will provide study space for your budding Einstein!

  • Space. Choose a space where your child can have some peace and quiet, but is close to help if he needs it. A corner of the kitchen, family room or even a bedroom will work as long as there is enough space to spread out books and materials.
  • Desk. Buy a desk that will last. A solid, well-constructed desk will be worth the investment since children can be hard on furniture. The surface of the desk should have a non-glare finish and enough area to be comfortable without being overwhelming.
  • Lighting. Good lighting is very important in a child's study area. Although children seem to be able to see in any lighting, a desk lamp with a light pattern that covers a large area will prevent eye strain. The shade should be at a height that ensures that the glare isn't directly into your child's eyes.
  • Chair. Having a comfortable chair is vital. Try to find an ergonomic chair although we know that very few children sit in a correct fashion! Cushioned seats in bright colors or patterns will give your child little excuse not to stay at the desk until his/her homework is done.
  • Storage. Make sure there is plenty of storage space. Plastic boxes with labels, cubby holes and shelves will help your child put away his or her "stuff." Bright colors and labels will make organization easier and more fun.
  • Praise. Create places for your child to display his accomplishments, whether it is art work, gold stars, or "Well done!" We all need a little reminder of what we have done well!

Having a study space of their own can help your children develop good study habits. Having input into the colors and furnishings of that space may help your child develop a sense of "ownership" of the space. And having your children actually study will help you relax. Good things all around!

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