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Inspirational Baby Nursery Pictures


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Nursery Wall Ideas Without Paint
Inspirational Baby Nursery Pictures
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If the room you've chosen for your nursery has paint in great condition or if you live in a rental and aren't allowed to paint, there are still wonderful ways to dress up your nursery on a dime. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

    Wall ideas that don't involve paint:
  • Cover stretched artist canvas or thick chipboard with fabric. Hang in a pattern.
  • Cover one wall with removable fabric. (We've got a how-to!)
  • Hang curtains to create a "false" window or canopy over your child's crib.
  • Use removable decals on the walls or ceiling.
  • Use mirrors to add pizazz and reflect light in your nursery.
For more DIY art ideas, see our articles.
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