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Decorating a Kid’s Playroom


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Space to Be Alone
Decorating a Kid’s Playroom
Photo © Perfectly Imperfect

Many playrooms become rumpus rooms for the entire family, and this is perfectly okay. But don't forget to provide space for your little (or big!) one to have some private time or downtime.

Kid-only reading nooks, alcoves, tents and recesses can provide the perfect spot for your child or teen to unwind. I absolutely love this space that Perfectly Imperfect created in their playroom. The wall decor is at kid height (which is exactly where it should be, by the way) and comfortable, kid-only seating is thoughtfully planned around a stocked bookshelf.

The color palette is soft and calming, but feel free to be a bit more aggressive, especially with an older child. Just remember that red walls aren't calming for anyone and should be reserved for the more playful sections of your playroom.

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