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Shopping for Vintage Home Decor Online


Shopping for Vintage Home Decor Online

Decorating with vintage items is good for your wallet and our earth.

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When decorating on a budget, it pays to shop around. To save you time, we've listed some popular online sources for vintage decor, architectural and building salvage, and used home goods.

For more vintage and unique finds, see our resource list of craft show listings, estate sales & flea markets.

Before you buy, be sure to check out our tips on how to save when shopping online.

Vintage Furnishings & Architectural Salvage

Shopping used is great for the wallet and the environment. Plus, decorating with used or reclaimed items add character and history to a home.

Architectural Salvage
Offering salvaged items from around the world, this site has more styles of reclaimed decor and architecture than most will ever need.

BMRA Resources
Run by the Building Materials Reuse Association, this site shares state-by-state listings of building salvage stores.

This fun place to shop offers a little bit of everything, but you can shop by category to find exactly what you need.

This utilitarian site sticks solely to used building supplies such as blocks, bricks, timber and plumbing, making it easy to find exactly what you need.

Advertising itself as "the place to find used building materials," it must be - it even has a "No Words To Describe It" category. This site also has a nice little help-wanted section.

If you don't mind sorting through the spam and creepy people, this site can be a great place to score everything from furniture to fireproof floor tiles. (Yeah, really.)

A home improvement classifieds where you can buy, sell or trade all types of home goods. From doors to decor, this site has it all.

This once cutting=edge site has gotten very mainstream, hence expensive, but there are still deals to be had for those with patience and luck.

The home to all things homemade, Etsy is also a great go-to place for those seeking vintage wares.

Where junk abounds, but hey, everything is free! And what's one person's trash, could be your treasure.

Habitat Online Store
Offering vintage wares and furnishings (and willing to arrange shipping), this site is perfect for budget shoppers and at-home decorators seeking unique finds.

Jayson Home & Garden
This store's prices can leave you reeling (and not in a good way), but sign up for Jayson's email to be notified of clearance sales where items can go for 75-percent off or more.

Just Vintage
Cute vintage home decor, and they offer a freebie with every order. Makes me want to buy something just for the surprise inside!

Retro Planet
If you love soda fountains, circus peanuts and all things retro, this is the site for you.

Expensive stuff, I know, but I couldn't resist sharing. After all, they do have oh-so-pretty originally vintage things.
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