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Save Big at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores


Save Big at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores

JoAnn Fabric & Craft store is a bargain mecca for DIY decorators, but to save the most, you’ve got to know how (and when) to shop.

With JoAnn Fabric & Craft’s abundant sales and coupons, one should never have to pay full retail price for fabric or craft items at JoAnn’s. And with a little patience and footwork, it is possible to save much more than the advertised sale prices.

    How to Save Even More at JoAnn’s
  • Be patient. JoAnn is quick to mark down seasonal items – usually up to 40-percent off within days of hitting their shelves. And JoAnn’s sales rotate, usually on a 4-6 week basis, so if it is not on sale this week, it may be the next!

  • Sign up in Jo-Ann's stores for their mailer that includes monthly coupons and sales notices, or check online for printable coupons.

  • Jo-Ann's user friendly website constantly offers an array of sale items.

  • Jo-Ann's retail store permanently displays a clearance fabric rack where I find wonderful deals like upholstery fabric for less than $3 per yard. Also, check the "scrap" section usually located by the fabric help desk.

  • Jo-Ann's told me on the phone that their stores do not accept Internet coupons, but there are printables out there. Check with your store's manager before trying.

  • Jo-Ann's does offer online coupon codes that are valid in their online store. Sign up for an account to receive them.

  • You can combine certain coupons at Jo-Ann's. For example, Jo-Ann's will allow you to use one 40-percent off regular-priced item coupon plus one 10-percent off total purchase coupon per transaction.

  • Jo-Ann's will match competitor sale prices for the exact item.
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