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Finding Modern Furniture for Cheap

Incorporate a Modern-Style Look on a Budget


Finding Modern Furniture for Cheap
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Some would say that modern has never gone out of style, but as 1970s-born children arrive at the age where they are purchasing and decorating their own homes, the modern style is certainly experiencing a surge of popularity.

In the throws of nostalgia, flower-power children are rushing to claim their own bit of Bauhaus. This, of course, results in sky-high prices. Not good for someone on a basement budget!

Modern and midcentury modern furnishings and decor are at a premium right now, but there are ways to incorporate this style into your home without breaking the bank. Our ideas can help you find modern furniture and decor for cheap, or even free!

Learn the lingo.
Modern furnishings and decor are often listed by certain keywords that will help you in your search. Knowing what phrases to search for online and in classifieds will help. Look for words such as vintage modern, midcentury modern, Danish, retro, and/or Eames. It helps to know manufacturers names, as well.

Start locally.
It’s amazing the amount of modern-style furnishings I stumble across that have been discarded into the bowels of junk stores, flea markets, salvage shops and Goodwill stores. If you are looking for a specific item, place an ad in local free classifieds and on sites such as Craigslist or Freecycle. Don’t forget to check out estate sales!

Search online.
Ebay is a sellers market, and prices for modern furnishings and decor are usually at a premium. Typically, better bargains are found on Craigslist or other sites that offer vintage wares. But don’t forget to shop sales at online modern retailers, where prices are occasionally slashed 75-percent off – or more.

Consider reproductions.
I’ve seen reproductions that rival the real thing. Heck, I own some of them. But be cautious of buying reproductions online. There is a wide variety in the quality of reproductions and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for, or even better than what you pay for, especially if the prices are rock bottom.

Make your own.
Even if you are not a DIY king (or queen), the clean lines and simplicity behind the modern style often make it uncomplicated to construct. I’ve seen dozens of tutorials for making your own sunburst mirror and other modern decor online. And even the most basic of woodworking skills should be able to pull off a modern-style bench or cocktail table.

Think outside of the box.
If you know the basic characteristics of modern-style decor and furnishings, you can look almost anywhere for ideas. Think neutral colors and low, streamlined furniture … and then check office supply stores, big box chain stores and other places where you might not expect to find vintage or modern wares. Sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
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