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Furnishings on a Budget

There are many ways to furnish a room fabulously, even on a tight budget. Knowing where to buy, what to buy, and how to arrange what you have can help you create a warm, relaxing and beautifully designed space.
  1. Furniture Reviews

DIY Furniture Ideas
More than 20 creative and easy to make DIY furniture ideas.

Top Tips for Furniture Arrangement
Our top tips and ideas for furniture arrangement and placement for rooms of all sizes.

Fun Ideas for Painting Furniture
Fun, easy yet inspiring DIY ideas for painting furniture.

Designer Decorating on a Dime
It is possible to get designer furnishings for cheap or even free if you know how to look and where to go.

Tips & Ideas for Sofa Placement
Four unique ideas for sofa placement in a living space.

Which is Best? Fabric vs Leather Sofas
A list of advantages for both fabric and leather sofas to help you choose the best couch for your household.

Dining Room Table Rehab
Step-by-step instructions for refinishing and painting a vintage table.

Buying a Sofa on a Budget
Guide to making smart decisions when shopping for a sofa on a budget.

Where to Find Cheap Outdoor Furniture
Great places to find cheap outdoor furniture and decor.

Small Sofas for Small Spaces
Smart sofas for small spaces, including sleeper sofas, lounges and more.

DIY Table Ideas
A collection DIY table ideas that you can make or remake - all on a tight budget.

Cheap End Table Ideas
If you are looking for cheap end tables for your living room or bedroom, these budget-friendly ideas are sure to please, and all are under $100.

Entryway Storage Ideas
Budget-friendly options and fun ideas for entryway storage, organization and decorating.

Finding Modern Furniture for Cheap
Modern and midcentury modern furnishings and decor are at a premium right now, but our ideas can help you find modern furniture and decor for cheap or free!

White Dressers For Under 150 Dollars
One always needs clothes storage, even when the budget is tight. We've got frugal options for your bedroom. See our list of white dressers for under $150.

Fabric vs Leather Sofas
The advantages and disadvantages of fabric vs leather sofas along with tips for choosing the best sofa finish for your home.

Organize Shelving for Display & Storage
Having beautiful, organized shelves is usually free or can be done on a very strict budget, and organized shelves take much less time to maintain than the time spent constantly searching for your favorite items. Here’s how to get started.

Make a Headboard for Cheap or Free
One of the easiest ways to dress up your bedroom is to add a headboard, and our creative ideas won’t keep you up at night worrying about your budget. It’s possible to make a headboard for cheap or free, and with the plethora of projects ideas listed here, you’re bound to find something you like.

10 Ways to Find Outdoor Furniture for Cheap
Tips for saving big on outdoor furniture and decor.

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