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Removing Ceramic Floor Tile


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Removing Ceramic Floor Tile

Bye, bye, tile!

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Removing ceramic floor tile is very simple, but I wouldn't call it easy. In fact, I'll warn you that it's backbreaking work. But tile guys (or girls) know this, so you can save yourself a handful of dough by removing ceramic floor tile yourself.

I've listed the common tools for tile removal, but depending upon the type of the tile and how the tile was installed, you may not need all of them. None of these tools are very expensive (you won't need a top-of-the line floor scraper unless you plan to make this your life's work), and you may already have most of them on hand.

Tools Needed:
Dust Mask
Flat-Edge Shovel
Floor Scraper (aka Bully Tool)
Masonry Chisel
Safety Goggles
Sledge Hammer
Boxes or Wheelbarrow, for carting debris

Note: Ceramic tile removal can generate a huge amount of dust. It's a good idea to tape off your work area with plastic sheeting and do what you can to protect your ventilation system.

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