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How to Freshen Up a Room For Less Than $15

Cheap Room Makeover


Warm weather is here and you want to give your room a face lift - just a little freshening. But the cupboard is bare and the piggybank is down to less than $15. Well, good news. That's more than enough! There are several things you can do to give your room a fresher look that will leave you with some change in your pocket.

1. Invest in some natural light bulbs!

Natural Light Bulbs Enliven a RoomPhoto: Andreas Rentz - Getty Images
Invest in some natural light bulbs. The quality of indoor light can make a world of difference in how the colors of the room appear. What seemed drab before can come to life if the right bulb is used. Cost: Under $10.

2. Invest in a quart of paint.

Paint Freshens a Room InstantlyPhoto: Photomondo - Getty Images
Just think of what you can do: paint a wall; paint a table; paint your ceiling fan. Just adding a bit of color to strategic areas of your room can freshen its look. But just buy a quart of paint - we are freshening up here, we aren't doing a major remodel! Cost: Under $15.

3. Invest in elbow grease.

Cleaning out the ClutterPhoto: Stephen Digges - Getty Images
De-cluttering is the best way to ensure your room looks its best! No room can shine when you can't see the elements of the room for the "stuff" in the way! And a bonus for decluttering? Your room looks more spacious! Tip: Recycle as much as you can. You will feel better if someone else can use your "stuff." Cost: Under $10 for trash bags!

4. Invest in accessories.

A Simple Zen AccessoryPhoto: Joao Canziani - Getty Images
Make natural accessories using items gathered from your neighborhood. Simple and inexpensive items such as candles and rugs can add touches of color and class to your room. Cost: Under $10.

And if these ideas aren't enough, visit your local thrift store. Thrift stores are treasure troves of design ideas. From old frames (just add paint), mirrors, vases, pillows, lamps and tableware, there are hundreds of accessories you can find to add a little interest to your room. But remember that de-cluttering advice and don't buy the whole store! Repeat after me: "Less is more!" - or in this case, "Less money is more style!"

Decorate, paint, and landscape your way to a more beautiful home.

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