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The Three Basic Types of Home Decorating Styles


There are quite a few arguments about what decorating styles should be considered the foundational or basic home decorating styles. Though the list is ever changing, growing, and up for debating, I’m going to try to keep this simple.

These are what many consider the three basic types of home decorating styles.



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By far the most popular design style, traditional is a mix of beautiful, timeless and well-defined elements. Never cluttered nor standoffish or stark, traditional brings together many worlds while still making you feel right at home. Calm colors, understated furniture with classic lines, and emphasis on symmetry are all elements of the traditional decorating style.

Sources for Traditional Furnishings


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Many people imagine contemporary interiors as being sleek and cool, but there are many types of contemporary spaces. Some contemporary interiors are all white and ultra-luxurious, but some are full of bright colors and funky patterns. Contemporary rooms usually contain an element of surprise. Those who like their homes to make artistic statements often lean toward a contemporary styling.

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Though the word "eclectic" is a recently coined design description, this style has been around for eons. Often mistaken as an anything-can-go way of decorating, the eclectic style is actually a very purposeful and well thought-out way of decorating. The eclectic style is a perfect choice for those who love to mix styles but desire a cohesive look grounded in traditional. Don't think of eclectic as being cluttered, but instead as a careful gathering of interesting elements that all work together.

Sources for Eclectic Furnishings
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