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Interior Color Schemes for Global Style


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Global Style Color Scheme: Mediterranean
Interior Color Schemes for Global Style
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Interiors that reflect the mediterranean style are typical of most coastal styles in that they celebrate the colors of sand, sun, sky and sea, as well as a love of sunshine and natural lighting. The color white is a common neutral color in the mediterranean color scheme, but these lively coastal dwellers will often through in a bold red to contrast the coast's natural colors. A warm sunshine yellow often makes a great accent color and contrasts beautifully with the blues and greens of the sea.

When decorating in a mediterranean style, think airy colors with grounded furnishings, lots of natural light, and interiors that embrace a fellowship with the sea and sky.

These elements will help you introduce a mediterranean global style into your home:
  • Colors of the sand, sea and sky
  • Mosaic or terra cotta tiles
  • Glazed or textured plaster walls
  • Heavy, low furnishings with ornate carvings
  • Metal hardware, lighting and accessories in bronze or iron
  • Natural light
  • White as a neutral
  • Rounded arches and domes
  • Soft rounded, bullnose edges
  • Water fountains and features
  • Stonework and terra cotta features and decor
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