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Interior Color Schemes for Global Style


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Interior Color Schemes for Global Style
Interior Color Schemes for Global Style
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With the prices of world travel coming within reach of even the most budget-minded consumer, along with the instant availability of exotic places via the Internet, it’s no wonder that many of us have caught the travel bug.

And our interiors have begun to reflect that.

It’s not just world travelers who want to infuse a diverse, global style into their homes. The ease of Ebay and Etsy has brought international textiles and global home decor within our fingertips, and many in search of a more fair-trade-worthy lifestyle have also adopted a more global look in their furnishings and color schemes.

Contrary to popular belief, global "style" is not yet a recognized decorating style (though this may change in upcoming years). It is instead considered more of a "look" that you can incorporate into any style of home. In fact, the beauty of global decor is its adaptability and workability with any style of interior, be it traditional, contemporary or country.

Global color schemes and decor lend an eclectic, vibrant look to a space. Regional colors, artwork, crafts and furnishings add a unique flavor to a home and keep a room from looking generic and bland.

If you would like to achieve a more global look in your home, we’ve put together some fantastic interior color schemes based on exotic photos and inspirational places. All of the shades of colors listed are available in a perfectly matched paint (the paint color number is provided on the swatch via Chip It) at your local Sherwin-Williams store, but you could substitute any brand of paint if needed.

May these palette ideas serve as your global style guide, and may they inspire you to live a life as varied and colorful as our big, beautiful world!

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