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Creating Decorating Show Style In Your Home


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Candice Olson of Divine Design
Creating Decorating Show Style In Your Home

This dining room mimics Candice Olson's elegant transitional style with its use of neutral color, expensive lighting and chic finishes.

Photo © Gatsby's List/flickr

Candice’s calm, chic interiors are the epitome of the transitional, a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional elements. In fact, Candice does transitional style so beautifully that her show, Divine Design, has pushed the transitional style out of the design shadows and into the forefront of the American design-at-home scene.

How to get divine design…
Candice’s line of designer goods has been available since 2005. However, it’s possible to incorporate the transitional style into your home without designer splurges, even on a tight budget. (Even Candice has been known to shop at Pier One!)

If possible, splurge on lighting and fabrics, and cut back in other areas. Choose neutral fabrics with sheen, mirrored surfaces, metallic finishes, and light stone and tile combined with dark woods.

Candice loves sophisticated yet comfortable design, and achieves a high-end look by combining traditional, classic elements alongside the bold look of contemporary.

To have a bit of authentic divine design in your own home, shop Candice's line of home decor.

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