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Creating Decorating Show Style In Your Home


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"Show Stopping" Style on a Budget
Creating Decorating Show Style In Your Home

It's possible to copy high-end designer rooms on a budget. All you need is a bit of creativity!

Photo © Gatsby's List/flickr

If you’ve always wanted to recreate your favorite decorating show’s style in your own home but not sure how, our style guide can help. Many of the celebrity designers utilize high-end design, but there are ways to recreate their decorating styles on a budget. Many stars of decorating shows also fashion their own budget-friendly furnishings and decor, and share how they do it.

Discerning a celebrity designer’s decorating style is not easy, for oftentimes they are popular because they have developed their own, unique style. And oftentimes the “designers” themselves don’t stage the homes on the top decorating shows. (For example, the hosts of the popular decorating shows “For Rent,” staring Jodi Gilmour, and “Income Property,” starring Scott McGillivray, don’t necessarily stage the homes featured.)

Continue on for a few of the most popular decorators and shows, and our tips for bringing these popular decorating show styles into your own home - on a budget, of course!

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