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Knowing Your Fabric Weaves


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Knowing Your Fabric Weaves - Basics and Plain Weave
Plain Fabric Weave

Plain Fabric Weave

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The vast majority of upholstery and decor fabrics are woven. a woven fabric consists of an interlaced warp and weft or woof. The warp refers to the lengthwise yarns on a loom. As the fabric is woven, horizontal yarns are interlaced with the warp yarns. These horizontal yarns are the weft or woof. Patterns or effects are achieved by changing the number or sequence of warp or weft yarns crossing over each other.

These are the basic patterns that most fabrics fall under:

Plain Weave

Known as the simplest weave, the plain weave is made by interlacing the warp and weft in an alternating pattern. The resulting pattern is flat and smooth.

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