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Guide to Decorating Large Rooms


Large Room Grouping Defined by an Area Rug

Room Grouping Defined by an Area Rug

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  • Dark and warm. Use color to make the space more intimate. Dark, warm colors on the wall can make the difference. You can go large, dark, heavy, and rich in a spacious room without fear - if that's your taste.

  • Texture. Use lots of texture to take up visual space. Shaggy rugs, pillows and throws appear to have more substance than smoother options. Use this property to your advantage.

  • Lower light. Use darker lampshades that bring the light down to eye level rather than letting it get lost in the large room. The effect is more concentrated light around the seating which appears more intimate.

  • Good conversation. Plan the areas for comfort and good conversation. Place tables by each seating areas for drinks or other items the guests may want to place there. Place seating areas close enough together to allow for normal conversation. Don't make your guests have to shout across the room to talk to each other.

  • Go big. Use large art and large patterns to match the proportion of the room. When you have a large expanse of wall, you can fill it with a large art piece or a large grouping of smaller pieces. But avoid small pieces hanging alone on the wall. They appear lost in the space. The same principle applies to large patterns. A small pattern on, say, a pillow will be lost and will be read by the eye as a solid. So go bold and graphic, the space can handle it!

Large spaces can be a joy to decorate. You can make it both intimate and open, with just the right amount of both. Or, if you are from the "HELLO, Hello, hello" school of design, just leave it empty enough to echo. The choice is yours!

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