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Tips for Decorating Large Rooms


An Intimate Corner of a Large Room

An Intimate Corner of a Large Room

Photo: Justyna Furmanczyk

If you are a homeowner with lots of space and you know what to do with it, we all envy you. But if you are a homeowner with no idea what to do with those cavernous rooms, may I provide a little advice? Here are some tips for decorating large rooms that will turn that cold "great" room into a warm and inviting "fabulous" room.

  • Divide. Divide the space into smaller areas that will provide communal areas for entertaining, reading and conversation areas for more intimate or private activities, and more utilitarian areas such as an office or craft area, depending on your family's needs.

  • Define. Define the spaces with area rugs, room dividers or architectural features. Rugs may be the easiest way to define a space. The rugs don't have to match, but they shouldn't appear so small that the room appears fragmented.

  • Unify. You can also define the spaces with color. But I would recommend that you keep a unifying color to prevent the room for appearing too busy or piecemeal. For instance, paint the walls a neutral, but use an area rug, art and accessories in an accent color to define an area of the room.

  • Neutral. Make sure the most expensive pieces you buy for your room are neutral and durable. You don't want to have to replace them as they wear, or as your color tastes change. That's a budget buster. Replace the more inexpensive items instead.

  • Dead zone. Avoid "dead" space - areas that are empty with no apparent use. While it is best not to be too cluttered, make use of all your space. Put an occasional chair or tall plant in the area if you can think of nothing else.
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