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How To Makeover a Room in One Day


One Day Makeover

Accent Art from Fabric Covered Canvases

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Is your mother-in-law visiting this weekend? Need a total home remodel fast? Too late! You should have thought of that sooner. But if you have even one day, you can redecorate your living or family room. Even a first-time decorator can follow these ten steps and complete a fabulous one day living or family room makeover. Ready. Set. Go!

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: One Day

Here's How:

  1. Paint one accent wall. You will probably have time for only one wall. So, unless you have a neighborhood chock full of eager friends with roller in hand, stick with one wall. Chose a color that will compliment the other walls. If the other walls are neutral, choose a bolder color for an accent. If the other walls have a strong color, choose a neutral color for an accent wall.
  2. Buy a slipcover for your sofa that blends with the color of the majority of walls. A solid color is best. Patterns can be introduced with other items.
  3. Choose pillows that are the color of the accent wall. Next pick a second accent color that provides additional interest and include one or two pillows of this color.
  4. Quick art can be made in one of two ways. Paint two blank canvases in a slightly lighter or darker color than the three original color walls. Tape off a wide horizontal or vertical stripe on the canvas. Paint the stripe the color of the accent wall. Then tape off another narrower stripe and paint the second accent color. When these are done, hang on the accent wall to bring the color scheme together. Or wrap a long, slim canvas with fabric stapled behind. Choose a fabric that incorporates the three colors - with the first accent color dominant.
  5. Move the furniture away from the walls and create conversation areas.
  6. Buy an area rug with a combination of both wall colors, plus the second accent color. Or for an easier choice, choose a solid color rug that is the first accent color.
  7. Change light bulbs to natural light bulbs. You will look years younger.
  8. Remove at least half the clutter. Only 3 items are allowed on the tabletops. Removing clutter automatically makes your room look bigger and more "put-together."
  9. Buy a big bouquet of flowers containing blooms of the two accent colors. This will become a focal point of the room.
  10. Buy an afghan or blanket to throw over the back of the chair. The throw should be the second accent color.

    Time's up! This is a quick and easy way to put together a room starting with the color you currently have on your walls. Use a color wheel or a decorator color scheme book to come up with your colors. Then sit down and enjoy your handiwork in the half hour you have left before company comes.


  1. Check the "oops" section of your local home improvement store when choosing an accent color. They have bargain prices on small cans of paint.
  2. You can use old canvases for the art project - even used ones. You are going to cover them with paint or fabric anyway!
  3. While fresh flowers are always my first pick, sometimes they are impractical. So check out your local craft store for silk flowers that will last long and still look fabulous!
  4. Sew up some quick pillows with fabric from sheets. And while you are at it, you can make quick curtains by simply adding clip-style curtain rings to the top of a sheet. You don't even have to be able to sew.

What You Need:

  • Paint for the first accent color
  • Slipcover in a solid color -preferably the color of the original walls
  • Pillows in two accent colors
  • Strong back for moving furniture
  • Two new or used canvases
  • Area rug in solid accent color or pattern that incorporates two accent colors
  • Natural light bulbs
  • Boxes for removing clutter
  • Flower bouquet
  • Warm, fuzzy afghan
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