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Quality Construction in Sofas

Choosing a quality sofa at a budget price


Quality Construction in a Sofa

Quality Construction in a Sofa

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If you are going to make a major investment in buying a sofa, you want to ensure you get the best quality construction sofa for the price. A quality sofa doesn't have to be the most expensive one. There are bargains out there in every area. But you have to know what to look for and what to avoid. Here are some tips:

1. Look for quality. Stand back from the sofa and check the pattern. Does the pattern on the back of the sofa match the cushions? Does the pattern on the cushions match the skirt? Are the stripes aligned at the edges? The mark of quality construction is the careful matching of patterns. If it doesn't match, re-think your purchase.

2. Look at trim. Look at the trim. Does the cording fit flat and straight or does it curve? Again, if you suspect shoddy workmanship, don't waste your money on it.

3. Look at cushions. Remove the cushions and unzip the covers. Be aware of how the cushions are constructed. Is the foam wrapped? Is there extra padding? Are there springs? What is used to stuff the cushions? Foam? Down? Peanuts (don't buy it!)?

4. Look at padding. Look at the body of the sofa. Make certain all surfaces are covered and padded. If they are not padded, the fabric will easily wear against the wood. Unless it is part of the design of the sofa, you shouldn't see wood under the seat cushions.

Feel the springs. Feel the springs and ask about the spring construction. The most expensive springs are "8-way hand tied." Sinuous or serpentine spring construction is less expensive, but done well, can be just as comfortable and supportive. If all that is supporting the cushions is mesh, pass the sofa by. It won't last.

6. Look at construction. Look at the construction. Are the corners blocked and glued or bolted? If they are just glued or stapled, the sofa will not wear well and will be a waste of money!

7. Decide on skirt. Decide if you want a skirt. A skirted sofa is classic, but in a small space, an unskirted sofa will look bigger in a small space because it allows light under the sofa.

8. Look at legs. Look at the leg construction. Are they well made and sturdy? How are they attached? If the attachment isn't sturdy, you may have problems with the legs in the future.

Now, when you find sofa at a bargain price, you will know if it's really a bargain. Good shopping!

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