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Decorating a Man Room

Man Room - Leather and the Remote Control

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When decorating a man's space, I have one hard and fast rule to give you. Don't talk to a man about decorating while he's watching Monday Night Football - it annoys him. On the other hand, if you consider a grunt to mean "yes", you can ask and get his consent to just about any design choice. But if you want a design that pleases the man in your life on the morning after the Big Game, it's best not to consider cabbage roses and lace for his room. From my own experience, let me give you tips on decorating a man's space.

1. Glory days. If possible, include memorabilia from his "glory days." Whatever sport, hobbies, or adventures he has had in his life should be celebrated in the design - even if it was playing the tuba.

2. Nix the roses. Use more masculine patterns like geometrics, plaids, tartans, checks, or stripes in the room. I would discourage using florals for his space.

3. Go sturdy. Sturdy fabrics will work best in a man space. Fabrics like leather, suedes, tweeds, corduroys, and denim give the durability and texture that will please the masculine psyche.

4. The big stuff. Use furniture to match his size. If he is a big guy, don't furnish the room with pieces he is not comfortable using. And let his choose his own chair for watching TV or reading - even if it's a recliner the size of Cincinnati.

5. Now that's art. For art, use items that he will enjoy. For instance, frame an old road map or find some less collectible baseball cards, glue to a piece of foamboard, and frame in glass. Sports memorabilia is always a popular choice as well.

6. Feet on the table. Make sure the coffee table can stand up to use as a foot rest, snack table and tension reliever. A well-make solid wood or metal coffee table will work well.

When decorating a man room, let him have as much input as he is comfortable with - as long as it is scheduled around his favorite sports. Then remind him that since he has his own man room, so you get to decorate the rest of the house. Let's see...I'm thinking a "Bling" theme!

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