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Decorate By Organizing a Laundry Room

Colorful Storage Ideas


A Labeled Laundry Basket for Clean Clothes

A Labeled Laundry Basket for Clean Clothes

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Can you really spend money on decorating a laundry room when a budget is tight? Of course you can - specially when decorating involves organizing and using what you already have or can obtain on the cheap at a thrift store! Let me give you some quick ideas to show you what I mean!

  • Make a bag for everyone. On the wall, attach inexpensive coat hooks in a row about 6 inches apart - one for each member of the family. In the linen closet or at a thrift shop, pick out one pillowcase in a bright color for each family member. Use markets to label each bag, or color code them with each member's favorite color. Thread a length of rope through the deep hem at the open end of the pillowcase (you will have to open a side seam to do it). Tie the end of the rope over a coat hook. This idea gives each family member a laundry bag for soiled garments as well as adding color to the room.
  • Laundry bags can also be made out of recycled bath towels. Sew two together on three sides. At the open end, sew a channel for the rope by folding down the top edge two inches and sewing - leaving the ends open to thread the rope through.

  • Label it Clean. To organize the clean laundry, label large baskets with each family member's name in the color of his laundry bag. Decorate the labels with colorful rickrack or other trims. When the laundry is finished, each member can take the folded laundry into his or her room, put it away, and return the basket to the laundry room.
  • If baskets aren't handy, use colorful milk crates for the laundry. These can be painted and stacked for space savings.

  • Storing the Stuff. Milk crates can also be used to store laundry products. If you have a shelf in your laundry room, put the crates atop the shelf with colorful labels for easy access. Just take them down as you need them, then when you are finished, everything stores away easily.

  • The Disco Dryer. If your washer and dryer still work, but look like they've been run over and beaten, paint them. And don't settle for "normal" appliance colors, choose a high quality enamel spray paint in red, purple, or royal blue. Not only will they make a statement, but they will add a touch of cheer to every laundry chore.

  • Tide in a Frame. Need more color? Cut out the labels from detergent boxes, mat them in black, and frame them with thrift shop frames. Spray paint the frames to match the appliances and hang in a group. You can use this idea to make name labels for the laundry bag hooks as well. Simply add a name printed on a white sheet of paper and cut to fit on the lower part of the label.

See? Your laundry room can be both colorful and organized. Now the only challenge is to keep it that way!

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