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Finding More Space in Your Home - for Free!

Forgotten spaces you can use


Pails make great storage

Pails make great storage!

Photo: Paul Phillips

You don't need to add a room, demolish a wall, remodel a garage, or annex the house next door to find more space for storage. You can find it where you are - in the corner, behind the door or at the end of the hall. Unused space is hiding everywhere. Here's where to find it!

  • Corridors and halls. Any corridor that has enough width can be transformed into useful space. If you have space at the end of the hall, use it to house a small desk and chair. Add shelves above the desk for office supplies or business books. Who says you don't have space for an office!
  • Landing. The space on a stair landing is a great place for a corner cupboard. Store linens, craft supplies, or other useful items in the cupboard. A corner can also house a file cabinet set at an angle. And you know you can use a file cabinet for storage of a great many items other than files.
  • Doors. Storage can be found on the back of every door. Hanging shoe bags can be used in the bathroom for toiletries, brushes, and rolled towels, in your child's room for toys, or in the family room for office supplies, movies, or games.
  • Below. The most popular storage below is underbed storage using plastic boxes or baskets. But you can place basket under tables and in open cabinets for miscellaneous storage. While not below, baskets can also be stacked in corners to hold throws, toys, games, crafts, magazines, and more.
  • Walls. Hooks mounted on walls can be used to hold buckets (personalized) for school supplies in the mudroom or table settings in the dining room. They can hold duffle bags for laundry and toys. And don't get me started on the value of vertical storage space!

As you can see, with a little thought, you can make space in unexpected but useful places. And no contractor is required!

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