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Choosing the Best Sofa Upholstery


Choosing the Best Sofa Upholstery

Choosing the Best Sofa Upholstery

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A new sofa or chair can be a major investment for many families. If that is true of your family, you may be worried that no upholstery will stand up to the tornado that is your son or daughter. Never fear! Here are some tips on upholstery fabric that will guide you to the right choice for your family.

  • Durability. Fabrics with a higher thread count (the number of threads per square inch) and a tighter weave are more durable that those with looser weaves. They will stand up the hard abuse that your family dishes out!

  • Cleaning. Fabrics made of natural fibers will absorb stains more quickly than man-made fabrics, but they will clean up better. Fabrics made with man-made fibers are soil-resistant but don’t clean up as well (those popsicle stains may be difficult to remove!)Look st the fabric tag: the tag should say S for solvent cleaning, W for water-based cleaning and S-W if both can be used.

  • Wear. Highly-textured fabrics, such as tweeds, can fray easily when they get excessive use. The fabrics which stand up best to fraying are flat weaves such as cottons or jacquards.

  • Stains. Light colors show soil, while dark colors show debris and dirt. Why not try a medium color with a pattern? Patterns can hide a multitude of forgotten chocolate chips!

Remember after you bring that new sofa or chair home, rotate the cushions every month and vacuum them regularly. It will add years to the life of your sofa. And most of all, enjoy!

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