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Small Room Decorating Ideas

Big Help for Small Spaces


This collection of small room decorating ideas and tips for dealing with small spaces will help you to design a small room or home with style.

Smart Small Room Design

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Whether you have a studio apartment, small home or a tiny room in your home that you would like to enhance, there are some basic rules for small room design that can help you make the most of your small space. This article will help you crack the small space design code and includes tips for arranging furniture, choosing decor, and incorporating colors and patterns in small spaces.

Decorating a Small Living Room

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You can have a small living room that functions as well and looks as beautiful as a large one. The key is to take advantage of small space solutions. Our solutions to common problems for decorating a small living room, and small room layout and design, will help turn your troubled living room into a smart design in no time.

Decorating a Small Bedroom

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A bedroom - even a small bedroom - should be an oasis, a place to retreat and rest after a long day. The good news is that you don't need a 1000-square-foot bedroom to create an oasis. The trick is to adapt the same rules that one would follow when decorating any small space. Our tips for decorating a small bedroom will help you create your own private oasis on a budget - and one for your guests, too!

Decorating a Small Bathroom

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Small bathroom design has to be smart bathroom design, because there is possibly no other room that needs to function as well as a bathroom. After all, one isn't required to cook or entertain, but one certainly needs to bathe! May these inspirational small bathroom decorating ideas help you create a bathroom that functions and looks as grand as a large one.

Other Small Room Ideas

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Whatever small space your home and life may have handed you, you can make it great. These articles contain a wealth of information and budget-friendly tips for dealing with various small spaces, proving once again that big, beautiful design can happen in tight places!

Creating a Great (Small) Space

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Good room design starts with the basics, and the rules remain the same whether your room is the size of a basketball court or no bigger than a postage stamp. Following basic interior design rules will help you create a beautiful room regardless of its size, so see the articles below for how to create a great (small) space.

Color & Pattern for Small Spaces

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It's easy to overwhelm a small space with too much color and pattern, but you don't have to be boring when it comes to color choices for small spaces. Choosing the best colors for a small space just takes careful planning. However, with our tips for choosing colors and small room color ideas, you'll soon be choosing colors like a pro.
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