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Stylish & Inexpensive Products for Organizing an Entryway


A beautifully decorated and organized entryway not only provides a warm welcome, but it also makes it much easier to find your keys before you head out the door. These stylish yet inexpensive entryway storage ideas and products will help you decorate and organize your entryway without spending a lot of money, or a lot of time. We've also provided links for additional product information and to help you find the best prices. So here's to coming home - and going out - in style!

Single Wall Hook

I love this stylish spoon-like hook (pictured) by Adesso that stays tucked away until needed and only extends out when pressed at the bottom. For a sleek modern look, Blomus makes a brushed steel wall hook that will elegantly hold your heaviest stuff. Or have a hoot with these fun owl wall hooks from Homeworks. Homeworks also makes a hippo, jolly roger and other freshly styled wall hooks so you can mix and match to your hearts desire. If you are a renter or have a wall that won't hold hooks, the new adhesive hooks will install and remove easily, making them a perfect choice for many.

Hanging Storage

Safco makes a variety of hanging multi hooks, but I love this modern shelf/hook combo that will look great hanging in your entryway, even when it's empty. Just because it's for the little folks, don't neglect to look! The Land of Nod offers a plethora of wall organizers - from hooks to bins to wall-mounted clips - that are perfect for entryways. If you prefer vintage, Gerson offers a variety of cute hanging metal bins (pictured) that would dress up any entryway. For a more modern metal alternative, check out these metal pegboards that will quickly organize any entryway.

Baskets & Storage Bins

With so many options for storage bins available, how does one choose? Remember to go with function before looks. Metal bins look sleek and retro but can bang up furnishings, and rough baskets can also, though a little felt applied to the bottom of bins can help. Stacking bins are a great option for entryways. Open stacking bins make it easy to toss backpacks and balls inside, and the bins with flip lids are a great way to hide what is inside. Many companies offer affordable storage basket shelving units, which look great and make it easy to keep all of your bins together. Soft bins are the easiest on furnishings, and usually the cheapest, but they don't often withstand heavy use. However, I love these cute canvas bins (pictured) from The Land of Nod and would be more than willing to put them to the test!

Storage Bench

Since benches can combine ample storage with shoe-tying seating, a storage bench is a great choice for an entryway. I reviewed Martha Stewart's storage bench more than a year ago, and with daily use, this bench is still going strong, making it a perfect addition to an entryway. For super budget seating with storage underneath, IKEA has several options that will also do the job. However, my favorites are these colorful little storage ottomans by Grandin Road (pictured) that will hold your stuff and can be moved around to provide extra seating for one or a party of many.

Tall Storage & Lockers

If you have the space in your entryway, tall storage or lockers can be a great option. Though these items are considered furnishings and are usually the most expensive option, great deals can be found. Think outside of the box and search flea markets or estate sales for an armoire or china cabinet that could be refitted to your needs. If you would like to save the time and DIY hassle and buy new, a sturdy hall tree can be found for less than $200. However, metal lockers will last a lifetime. I love the bright, industrial look of these lockers from Hallowell (pictured) that run less than $100 and come in a variety of heart-stopping colors. What a deal!
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