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Unique Lamp Ideas for Your Budget Decor

Fun Ideas for Lamps You Can Make


Old Trophy Lamp

Old Trophy Lamp

Photo: Charles Maraia - Getty Images

Do you ever think that lamps at discount or department stores all look alike? And if there are lamps that are special, the attached price tag is eye-popping - and way out of your budget. There is a way, you know, to have a lamp that is special and unique without the busting your budget - just make your own. Lest you think this is a project way beyond your capability, I have friends that have trouble gluing paper together that have managed to make their own lamp, so you can do it too! The first step is to get a lamp kit. From there, the possibilities are endless.

Need some ideas? Here are some to get you started. I know your imagination will think of something unique and elegant!

1. Books. Do you have some books you no longer read? Stack 'em up and make a lamp! Just glue them together in an artistic arrangement - straight or crooked. When dry, drill a hole through the center. Insert a metal rod and finish with a lamp kit.

2. Cds or Records. If you need something to do with those old scratchy records or extra cds, try making a new lamp. There are several ways to do it. You can just stack the record or cd as high as you want them, then insert a rod in the middle, or you can add spacers, like beads, between them. A lamp kit completes the project. If you want to see examples of cd lamps visit www.photocreations.ca

3. Upside Down Vase or candleholder. You can make a beautiful lamp just by turning a vase upside down and inserting the rod in the middle. You can also use a candleholder - but not necessarily upside down. For a video example, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YY7rLWfG8M.

4. Tin Canisters. Tin tea or similar canisters make perfect lamp bases. Again, just drill down the middle and add a lamp kit. The canister may need to be weighted to stablize its height. Rocks work great, and so does rice or beans!

5. Boots. If you have a western or southwestern theme and old boots you can spare, try making your own boot lamp. Again, the boot may have to be weighted to keep it upright. Drill through the sole and add the rod and lamp kit. For an example, visit www.flyingwguestranch.com.

Can you think of other ideas for lamp bases? How about wood blocks, stacked cigar boxes, cookie jars, trophies, or garden pots? This and a hundred other items can be turned into budget and unique lamps for your home decor. And if you end up creating an eyesore instead of a treasure, tell us the sad story in User Answers!

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