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Do-It-Yourself Decorating Ideas


Do-it-yourself decorating can be a great way to save - if you know how. Never fear! Our DIY decorating ideas, tips and tutorials will keep your project on track from start to perfect completion.
  1. DIY Safety
  2. DIY Decor
  3. DIY Furniture
  4. DIY Kitchen & Bath
  1. DIY Lighting
  2. DIY Soft Finishes
  3. DIY Walls & Floors

DIY Safety

Before you get started with any project, having the right tools and the correct information is essential. And one more thing: Knowing when to ask for help. Our tips and safety information can help you get started and finish safely.

DIY Decor

Making your own decorating accessories is a fun and frugal way to add style to your space. And if you repurpose old items into something new, your decor can be earth-friendly, too!

DIY Furniture

Never discard what you can reuse. And the world of ideas for furniture reuse is vast - from painting to glazing to stenciling to recovering. With a little bit of information and a little bit of ingenuity, you don't have to pay the pros to have gorgeous furniture. Get creative with your home goods by using our ideas and how-tos below.

DIY Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen and baths are known for being the most expensive rooms in the house to update, but with a little know-how and a few creative ideas, it's possible to have a fabulous kitchen and bathroom without breaking the bank. Our DIY ideas can help you transform your space from blah to bling.

DIY Lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest DIY projects for beginners. Most lamps follow a basic wiring pattern and can be easily remade or updated with just a small amount of pocket change. Or forgo traditional lighting and try one of our handcrafted luminaries or lamps, instead.

DIY Soft Finishes

Curtains, pillows and other fabric accents soften a room, filter light and add comfort to a home. And you don't always need to know how to sew to make your own. With a plethora of budget decorator fabric at your fingertips and a little creativity from us, you can add luxury soft furnishings to your home without breaking the bank.

DIY Walls & Floors

Floors and ceilings are the foundations of your room, and one of the easiest and inexpensive elements to update. While paint can be your best friend, there are thousands of ways to go beyond the basic one-color coat. From glazing accent walls to laying tile flooring, we've got tools, tips and ideas to help you save on labor costs while still creating a fabulous foundation to your space.

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