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When to Hire a Pro

Should You or Should You Not DIY?


There is a time to do it yourself and then there is a time to call in a professional. Knowing when to hire a pro is an important aspect of safety, sanity and well being.

If you are struggling with the things listed below, you may need to ask for help. Read down our list to see if you need a helping hand.

Do not DIY if …


It involves a safety or health issue.

A water leak close to wiring. Mold issues. Leaky sewage lines. All of these issues (and many more) are better left in the hands of pros. Know when to play it safe.

If you cannot figure out how to begin.

If you’ve been rearranging your living room furniture for two years and still aren’t happy, it may be time to ask for help. Hiring a decorator doesn’t have to be expensive and can help you get started.


If it involves tools you don’t have, don’t need or can’t afford.

If you don’t have the tools on hand, it may be cheaper to hire a contractor to do the job for you. Saws, paint brushes and other quality tools don’t come cheap, and you may never use them again.


If time is a factor.

Let’s face it: DIY projects always take twice as long as you planned, and that’s if nothing goes wrong. If time is of the essence, it may be worth it to you to call in a pro.


If it involves skills above your level of expertise.

I am a firm believer that, with enough research and information, almost any plan can become a successful DIY project. But even my husband, the all-knowing architect, recognizes when to ask his engineer buddies for help.


If you don’t have the space to work.

Obviously, the owner of an 800-sq-ft studio apartment is going to have a hard time setting up a construction zone. It may be possible, but pros have ways to work around your space constraints. Consider where you will work before you actually begin your work.


If you can’t voice your opinion.

I saved this for last, but it is definitely not least. If you are going to be hiring help, you are going to have to act as project overseer. (Unless you have enough money and faith to hire that out, too.) If you can’t speak up when something looks wrong or feels out of whack, you need to either do the project yourself or leave it well enough alone.


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